N2K Academy

Specialized Tuitions For All School's, Polytechnic & Engineering

Tuition for CBSE | ICSE | SAMASEER IX,X,XI&XII (All Subjects) Engineering (All Subjects)

Spoken English & Aptitude Classes Avail

The quality of N2K Academy is proved by: It is monitering by school teachers who handle STD 10 to 12 in their schools.

Classes Conducted: AT TUITION CENTRE- STD 6-12 and Engineering. Testing the grasping power of the student to provide special coaching if needed & comfortable environment to study. guaranteed safety of every individual who steps in. Maintaining a record of attendance for the students. Individual attention and one teacher for every ten students. Conduction chapter test after every chapter has been covered. unit tests and 20 full portion tests will be conducted. week end batches available & UPS is Fixed to face power cuts. Extra coaching & tests given for weak students.