N2K is one of SouthIndia's most experienced education providers. We believe that hope begins when education starts, and that quality technical training is not just about creating or advancing a career, it’s about building a life. N2K was created to help you reach the goal of achieving more in your life and To motivate and facilitate the growing overcome its human resource challenges. N2K has trained more than 4.5 lakhs students in 20 countries around the world. Over the past 18+ years, N2K has focused on providing quality education in Multimedia, VFX, Gaming, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Software and Hardware. N2K students have got job placements with Major Indian organizations and international studios.

At N2K, we are never content resting on our laurels. It is this attitude that drives us to revolutionize our educational systems and programs. Because we believe, that’s surest the surest way to build. It professionals who can adapt to fast changing technologies. Because at N2K we stand for strong conceptual training and innovative methodologies.

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